Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 1: Pesky Packaging


Last night, I made soup. Soup seems like a pretty harmless thing, as far as being trash-free goes, especially in college. You throw in some vegetables, some canned things, some water, some spices, and you're done! Unfortunately, I forgot that the random packet of burrito seasoning I threw in was made out of some weird metallic-paper-plastic combination. I mean, if someone felt like being really creative, the seasoning packet could have turned into a nice little wallet, if the wallet owner didn't mind smelling like burrito or appearing a little, well, trashy, whenever they pulled out their wallet. Later that day, I finished a bag of pretzels. I instantly regretted it, because all of a sudden I had one big piece of trash in my hands. Guiltily, I left it on the shelf where I found it. Now, my room is using the pretzel bag to collect all the little bits of trash in our room so we can keep track of them. It's still trash, but at least it will continue to serve a purpose for a couple more weeks.

After two days of attempting to be trash-free, food seems to be the main culprit. There's only so much one can do with food-encrusted plastic containers and wrappers.


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