Friday, April 15, 2011

These pictures were taken in a different a different school...where there is no policy against candles....

I am going to tell you a story...
Once upon a time (today) was the final DIY bazaar of the semester. it started at 6 and ended at 8. Caitlin was confused and thought it started at 8. So lo and behold, we had tons of cookies and brownies left over. long story short, apparently one batch of the many batches of brownies came out of the oven with a thin layer of oil covering the entire top of it. Here in Juniper we operate on the "waste not, want not" principle, so Mia kindly emptied the oil into a jar and the brownies were fine. Then the jar was left by the sink and forgotten.

Fast forward 6 hours, Caitlin and I are pulling simultaneous all-nighters to finish respective papers and whatnot. We convene in the kitchen to eat everything in sight, and my eyes fall upon the jar of oil which has solidified by this point. We were joking around about how it was probably going to be left there FOREVER (as crap in the Juniper kitchen is wont to do), when i said to Caitlin "let's put a wick in it and light it on fire!!!" so, at 2:30 in the morning, our RA soundly asleep and not enforcing our minor policy infraction, we did just that. I'd heard about tallow candles, which are basically fat with a wick stuck in it, and figured this could be the same concept. Plus, it would smell like brownies. We huddled around our minuscule rebellion candle, half afraid it was going to burst into flames, and watched it actually sputter to life and start to melt a little divot in the tallow/oil substance. it was working!!!

so, I realize that many outsiders see Juniper as kind of weird and gross, saving everything and reusing it past the point of recognition, and yes sometimes this happens... but with this beautiful ingenious idea, our recycling brought a little bit of light (ahhhhh haha) to our night.

P.S. we didn't burn the dorm down!!!


  1. That is beautiful and brilliant! Such a good use of a brownie fat layer. And, I love that you posted it at 2:42 a.m.