Sunday, April 10, 2011

The curse of Friday.

Why is it impossible to have fun without filling a garbage can with trash?

This weekend, there was a rather conspicuous waste contributor, which existed under the alias of "THE BASH." No one wants to think about wastefulness in the middle of a dance floor, or at any other fun place, for that matter. What's the number one contributor to weekend waste at Lewis and Clark? Party cups. No doubt. Ok, that might not actually be a fact, but I bet party cups are pretty high up on that list. At "the Bash," I clearly recall grabbing at least three new rigid plastic cups for water throughout the night. At the time, there didn't really seem to be another option, since I was dying, yes dying of thirst, and I just wasn't willing to go out of my way to find a drinking fountain or water bottle. Especially not while the Dancing Hats were playing! (Although in retrospect, "Friday" would have been a great time to go on a water-seeking adventure.) Water is a pretty necessary commodity at a raging event like "the Bash," but a dance party is no place for rational thinking.


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  1. I kept hiding my cup behind the water jug and forced myself to finish the water in it just in case someone decided to add something to it haha. To add, I thought that the "Bash* was just generally gross. From what I can remember ( ;) ) there was water and food everywhere, and I kept falling the the bathroom because of the wet toilet paper. It was still a really fun time!